Ash Avenue

   Baptist  Church

       South Boston, Virginia

Dr. Paul D. Larrimore, Senior Pastor


About Us

 Ash Avenue Baptist Church

is a family of followers

of the Lord Jesus Christ!


A Little History

The church was established in 1952 by First Baptist Church of South Boston

and the Virginia Baptist  Mission Board  for the mill workers of Carter Fabric

( later known as J.P. Stevens  Co ).

Originally founded as Faith Baptist Church, the young congregation

wanted it's name to reflect its trust in the Lord Jesus.

The mission of the church is still the same as it was nearly six decades ago.... 

to be a fellowship of believers in the Lord Jesus through serving each

follower and to work together in sharing His love in at least two ways:

1.)  telling all people of the saving grace of Jesus, and

2.)  backing it up with the visible loving actions of God 



It's often been said, When two or three Baptists are gathered

together there will be 5 to 6 different opinions.

Ash Avenue Baptist Church looks to

the Holy Bible as God's perfect word. 

Therefore, we don't hold to any creed. 

However, we do look to the

Baptist Faith and Message 1963 (1998)

as a reference to understanding scripture.

Baptist Faith & Message

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Our Affiliations

Our church is autonomous, which means we govern ourselves

and are not subject to any other church body. 

However, we are subject to the Head of the body,

the Lord Jesus.

In order to fulfill the work of the Lord, we believe

cooperation with other believers is

vital and biblical.



Our denominational partners are:


        Dan River Baptist Association             


   Baptist General Association of Virginia   


   Southern Baptist Convention               


  Baptist World Alliance                     





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